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Exam Day 2016

Friday May 13, 12:00 PM

Exam Format

Section I: Multiple Choice
50 Questions; 1 hour
Syllabus Reading: Vergil and Caesar — 20 questions
Sight Reading: Poetry and Prose — 30 questions

Section II: Free Response
5 Questions; 2 hours
2 translation passages, one each of Vergil and Caesar
1 essay question analyzing the linguistic and literary features of Latin texts through a comparative analysis
2 series of short answer questions, one each on Vergil and Caesar


BookPublisherEditionPublishing DateISBNPrice
AP Latin Vergil ExamREA2ndApril 16, 2010978-0738607061
Latin GrammarQuickStudyMay 28, 2004978-1572228351$4.95


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