Test Information

Test Basics
Points: 200-800
Minutes: 60
Questions: 70–75 (Multiple Choice)

Test Dates

Anticipated Skills

  • Ability to understand spoken Mandarin Chinese and identify what is being said in short, spoken dialogues and narratives about everyday topics.
  • Ability to complete sentences in a way that is appropriate in terms of structure (grammar), vocabulary, and context.
  • Identifying usage that is both structurally correct and contextually appropriate.
  • Understanding of such points as the main and supporting ideas, themes, and setting of a passage. Some of the passages are based on real-life materials such as timetables, forms, advertisements, notes, letters, diaries, and newspaper articles.

Recommended Preparation

  • 2–4 years of Mandarin Chinese language study in high school, or the equivalent
  • 2–4 years of Mandarin Chinese language study in high school, or the equivalent
  • Gradual development of competence in the language over a period of years

Test Topics

CONTENT% of Test
Listening comprehension
Based on short spoken dialogues and narratives, primarily about everyday topics. Two different kinds of questions are used: (A) a spoken statement, question or exchange, followed by a choice of three possible responses (also spoken); (B) a spoken dialogue or monologue with a printed question or questions (in English) about what was said.
Requires structurally and logically correct completion of sentences. Questions are presented in four columns, allowing each question and its answer choices to be shown in four different ways of representing Chinese: traditional and simplified Chinese characters, and phonetic transcriptions in Pinyin romanization and the Chinese phonetic alphabet (Bopomofo). You choose the one that you are most familiar with.
Reading comprehension
Tests understanding of main and supporting ideas, themes, and the setting of passages. All passages are written in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters, while all questions are in English. Most questions deal with understanding of literal meaning although some inference questions may be included.


BookPublisherEditionPublishing DateISBNPrice
The Official Study Guide for ALL SAT Subject TestsCollege Board2ndApril 26, 2011 978-0874479751$13.09
Chinese SAT II: Sample TestsAssociation of Northern California of Chinese SchoolsApril 21, 2006978-1424300907
Sat II Vol 2 W/ CD (English and Chinese Edition)Association of Norther Californa Chinese ShcoolsJanuary 1, 2007978-0979182617


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