Test Information

Test Basics
Points: 200-800
Minutes: 60
Questions: 85 (Multiple Choice)

Test Dates
German: June
German with Listening: November

Anticipated Skills

  • Knowledge of words representing different parts of speech and some basic idioms within culturally authentic contexts.
  • Ability to select an appropriate word or expression that is grammatically correct within a sentence. One part of the test contains vocabulary and structure questions embedded in longer paragraphs.
  • Understanding of such points as the main and supporting ideas, themes, and setting of a passage. Selections are drawn from fiction, essays, historical works, newspaper and magazine articles, and everyday materials such as advertisements, timetables, forms, and tickets.
  • Ability to read passages representative of various styles and levels of difficulty. Each test edition has several prose passages followed by questions that test your understanding of the passage. The passages, mostly adapted from literary sources and newspapers or magazines, are generally one or two paragraphs in length and test whether you can identify the main idea or comprehend facts or details in the text.
  • (German with Listening Only)Ability to understand spoken German.

Recommended Preparation

  • 2–4 years of study in high school or the equivalent.
  • Gradual development of competence in German over a period of years.
  • Review of sample listening questions using a Subject Test with Listening practice CD that your counselor can order from the College Board.

Test Topics


CONTENT% of Test
Vocabulary in context and structure in context (grammar)50%
Reading comprehension50%

German with Listening

CONTENT% of TestTopics
Listening section40%Type One
Contains short dialogues/monologues with one or two multiple choice questions. Dialogues/monologues, questions and answer choices are recorded. Questions are also printed in the test book.
Type Two
Contains longer dialogues and monologues with several multiple-choice questions. Dialogues/monologues and questions are only recorded and not printed in the test book. Answer choices are not recorded; they appear only in the test book.
Reading section
60%Vocabulary in context
Structure in context (grammar)
Reading comprehension using authentic stimulus materials and passages


BookPublisherEditionPublishing DateISBNPrice
The Official Study Guide for ALL SAT Subject TestsCollege Board2ndApril 26, 2011 978-0874479751$13.09
GERMAN (SAT Subject Test Series) (Passbooks)National Learning CorporationJanuary 1, 2012978-0837363066$39.95


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