Test Information

Test Basics
Points: 200-800
Minutes: 60
Questions: 80-85 (Multiple Choice)

Test Dates

Anticipated Skills

  • Knowledge of high-frequency vocabulary, appropriate idiomatic expressions, and language structure in the context of paragraphs
  • Familiarity with grammatical structure and vocabulary
  • Understanding of content in reading selections taken from such sources as newspaper and magazine articles, fiction, historical works, advertisements, tickets, brochures, forms, and schedules. Commonly taught grammatical constructions are tested.

Recommended Preparation

  • 2–4 years of Italian language study in high school or the equivalent
  • Gradual development of competence in Italian over a period of years

Test Topics

CONTENT% of Test
Vocabulary in context30%
Structure in context (grammar)30%
Reading comprehension40%


BookPublisherEditionPublishing DateISBNPrice
The Official Study Guide for ALL SAT Subject TestsCollege Board2ndApril 26, 2011 978-0874479751$13.09
ITALIAN (SAT Subject Test Series)
National Learning CorporationJanuary 1, 2012978-0837363080$39.95


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