Test Information

Test Basics
Points: 200-800
Minutes: 60
Questions: 70-75 (Multiple Choice)

Test Dates
December and June

Anticipated Skills

  • Select appropriate grammatical forms of Latin words
  • Choose Latin words from which English words are derived
  • Translate from Latin to English
  • Complete Latin sentences
  • Choose alternative ways of expressing the same thought in Latin
  • Answer a variety of questions based on short passages of prose or poetry

Recommended Preparation

  • 2–4 years of Latin in high school, or the equivalent
  • Gradual development of your competence in sight-reading Latin over a period of years

Test Topics

CONTENT% of Test
Grammar and syntax30%
Translation and reading comprehension
The reading comprehension portion includes three to five reading passages and one or two poetry passages. A set of questions following a poetry passage always includes one question requiring you to scan the first four feet of a line of dactylic hexameter verse or to determine the number of elisions in a line.


BookPublisherEditionPublishing DateISBNPrice
The Official Study Guide for ALL SAT Subject TestsCollege Board2ndApril 26, 2011 978-0874479751$13.09
SAT Subject Test™: Latin w/CDResearch & Education AssociationMay 28, 2012978-0738610764$21.08
LATIN (SAT Subject Test Series) (Passbooks)National Learning CorporationJanuary 1, 2012978-0837363097$39.95


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