Test Information

Test Basics
Points: 200-800
Minutes: 60
Questions: 85 (Multiple Choice)

Test Dates
Spanish: Oct., Dec., Jan., May, and June
Spanish with Listening: November

Anticipated Skills

  • Knowledge of words representing different parts of speech and some basic idioms within culturally appropriate contexts.
  • Ability to select an appropriate word or expression that is grammatically correct within a sentence. One part of the test contains vocabulary and structure questions embedded in longer paragraphs.
  • Understanding of such points as the main and supporting ideas, themes, style, tone, and the spatial and temporal settings of a passage. Selections are drawn from prose fiction, historical works, and newspaper and magazine articles, as well as advertisements, flyers and letters.
  • (Spanish with Listening Only) Ability to understand spoken language to identify what is presented in a picture or photograph, and what is being said in short and long dialogues or monologues.

Recommended Preparation

  • 3–4 years of study in high school or the equivalent (two years for advanced students)
  • Gradual development of competence in Spanish over a period of years
  • (Spanish with Listening Only) Review of sample listening questions using a practice CD that your counselor can order from the College Board

Test Topics


CONTENT% of Test
Vocabulary and structure33%
Paragraph completion33%
Reading comprehension33%

Spanish with Listening

CONTENT% of TestTopics
Listening section40%Pictures
Identify the sentence that most accurately describes what is presented in a photograph or what someone in the photograph might say
Identify a plausible continuation of a short conversation
Answer comprehension questions based on more extensive listening selections
Reading section
60%Vocabulary and structure
Reading comprehension
Reading comprehension, 20–25 questions


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SAT Subject Test SpanishBarron's4thAugust 1, 2015978-1438075617$13.10
Cracking the SAT Spanish Subject TestPrinceton Review15thDecember 9, 2014978-0804125765$12.30
SAT Subject Test SpanishKaplan2013-2014January 8, 2013978-1609785888


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